- FF-Cleaner
  - FF-Cleaner incl. Waterperm Measuring
  - Tail Cutter with HP Waterneedlejet Nozzle
  - Tail & Deckle Cutter
  - Trimsquirt – PLC Operated
  - Trimsquirt – Handoperated
  - WET SCAN - the DCS for wetsection

  - PF-Cleaner
  - PF-Cleaner incl. waterperm measuring or moisture measuring
  - SMART cleaner incl. felt cleaning & water– & moisture measuring
  - Sheet Moisture Scanner after Press Section
  - WET SCAN - the DCS for wetsection

  - Super Cleaner – Dry (fabric cleaning without water)
  - Super Cleaner – Wet (fabric cleaning 500 bar waterpressure)
  - Tail Cutter provided with rotating knife
  - Tal Cutter provided with HP waternozzles up to 3500 bar
  - Slitter Unit provided with HP waternozzles up to 3500 bar
  - Sheet Cutting Device provided with blade over the full sheet width
  - Sheet Cutting Device provided with compressed air knives

  - TAD Cleaner

  - Backingroll Washer
  - Paper Roll Cleaner
  - Super Cleaner – Dry (fabric cleaning without water)

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PressFeltCleaner.pdf (208 Kb)

pf title


pf title
Full PM-width traversing press-felt cleaning device utilizing high pressure water & compressed air


clening devices


pf title
This PF Cleaner is suitable for cleaning press felts with the below mentioned advantages in competition to the conventional oscillating shower.

R(eturn) O(f) I(nvestment) Robo PF Cleaner

1.  Decreasing waterconsumption
1.1 Example regarding oscillating shower:
   Press felt width : 6200 mm
   Number of nozzles : 62 pcs. (c - c = 100 mm)
   Orifice of each nozzle : Ø 1 mm
   Waterpressure : 20 bar
   Waterconsumption : 62 x 2,2 = 136,4 ltr/min
1.2 Example regarding PF Cleaner:
Number of nozzles installed in the traversing cleaningblock : 12 pcs.
   Orifice of each nozzle : Ø 0,8 mm
   Waterpressure : 25 bar
   Waterconsumption : 12 x 1,45 = 17,4 ltr/min
   Watersaving: 136,4 - 17,4 = 119 ltr/min
   At a year base: 119 x 60 x 24 x 360 =61.689.600 ltr =61.689,6 m³

If only one conventional oscillating shower will be exchanged against one PF Cleaner, than the existing HP waterpump will be maintained. But if all the existing oscillating showers will be exchanged than the existing HP waterpump has
to much overcapacity and will be exchanged by a new pump. This new pump will have a watercapacity for all the PF Cleaners, by which the electric power will be decreased.
2. Decreasing electric power
2.1 Example regarding electric power
If 3 (three) press sections, then are installed 6 (six) oscillating showers.
* Waterconsumption for 6 (six) oscillating showers: 6 x 136,4 ltr/min = 918,4 ltr/min.
* Electric power for this HP waterpump is: 55 kW.
2.2 Electric power for HP waterpump if all these 3 (three) press sections are provided with PF Cleaners:
* Water consumption for 6 (six) PF Cleaners: 6 x 17,4 ltr/min = 104,4 ltr/min.
* Electric power for this HP waterpump: 5,5 kW.
3. Increasing equal cleaning over the total press felt width.
3.1 No stripes in the felt.
3.2 Additional cleaning for the edges to increase the compressibility.
4. Increasing lifetime of the press felt.
5. Optimising the moisture cross profile of the felt.
6. Optimising the water permeability of the felt.
7. Increasing the dewatering capacity of the felt.
8. 100% mistfree cleaning during production.
9. Decreasing at least 20% chemical consumption.
10. Decreasing vacuum capacity from the existing suction boxes, which means less electric power as well as less wear for the press felt.

pf title
PF Cleaner comparing to Oscillating Shower
pf title
Dewatering capacity press felt
dewatering table